Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Massage and CLARE!!!

i went for my massage today!Good morning YAWN YAWN =) First Auntie Zoe Made Me Lie Down
Then i get a face massage Now U See My Ears
Now U Dun!
Hee Hee Back To My Face
Rub Rub
Rub Rub Rub
Yee Its So Ticklish Auntie Zoe!
Front Legs Seem Ok
Joints are Ok Too!
once i finished my massage, a white car pulled up to the front door of Pawsitive Sensations and it was Auntie Lorna, Auntie Racheal and Clare!
(Lucky was a little afraid of clare at first, lucky was a bit reserved and didnt know what to do when little clare started chewing her, but after a little tuition from Rachael, lucky suddenly transformed and started showing off her shake backside and hop backwards kung fu haha eventually clare went to hide under the bench!
she and clare had such a good time play fighting, all of us were in rapture watching the 2 little terrorists chew each other up.
Clare didnt seem to put up much of a fight, i bet she was giving lucky a chance, clare is easily one and a half times lucky's size, compared to lucky, clare is huge! lucky looks so tiny even though she is 2 days older than clare!
Thanks Lorna for the cape and chew toy for lucky, i hope Barn Barn, Marky and Clare enjoy the cookies! )
the 2 little terrorists plotting to take over the world!
Guess what Aunties Rachael and Lorna are doing to me....winner gets a doggie kissie
More To Come Soon!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Vacume Cleaners, Doggie Visits and ZZZ

Everyday, my grandmama whips out this noisy machine and sucks the floor with it, usually i just hide under my pawsies, but today everyone decided to see how i would react to vacum cleaner
Meet Mr Vacum Cleaner
Meet Lucky
You Dun Look So Tuff...
Why is this thing sucking the floor? BITE BITE BITE!!! Hee Hee =)

(Fiesty little bugger decided to attack the vacum cleaner, we had a hard time disengaging her from the nozzle, i guess lucky's theory is it it doesnt hurt me bite it haha)

On Sunday, Daddy and Grandpapa brought me out to my Dogpa and Dogma's House to meet my Dog Brother Scuzzy. Scuzzy is a Schnauzer, and he is the first doggie that i have ever gotten close to.
Meet Scuzzy the Schnauzer
Here i am with my Dog Pa and Dog Bro =)
Kisssieeee =) Yuck Pui! Dog Ma Monica's Turn to hold wittle ole me =) Hee Hee Who is Preewtier Me Or My Dog Ma?Its Playtime!! Last One To The Ball is a Schnauzer... hee hee =)Gibe u a kiss as a consolation lar...... =) But Its All Still About ME!!! hee hee everybody loves to pet me
I love to play, but most of all i love to win....if i dun win i turn nasty and i bite anything in my way GRRRRR
(Lucky really is a fiesty little critter, when she played with scuzzy she really bullied him even though he was slightly larger than her, she resorted to biting him to get her way i had to stop her and hold her down)
Well after my trip to dogpa and dogma's house, i decided that i would sleep, i tricked daddy into letting me go to the aircon room and then i plopped down and refused to move, daddy was too soft-hearted to move me once i fell asleep. hee hee thats how i manipulate the hoomans, just give them my best cute look
Ruff Ruff Dun Disturb me

I am a Wazy Wittle Woggy now go away and let me sleep

Till next time!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lucky The Blogger

There has been some questions asked, how can a 4 mth old puppy corgi blog?

So i decided to dispel all the myths that someone else writes my blog =) Waiting for my printout

Okies so i am a newbie Typist, i like to sniff the keys before i press em

(Look at the size of lucky, she is just a little smaller than the length of my 30inch mointor)

when i forget how to spell i chew on the keys

okies now that the blog entry is done, i chew on the furniture

oops kena smacked...better chew on the toy instead!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Beggar Doggies

(During my last trip to Germany, i found these 2 doggies begging on the street.....)

Do I Qualify? Will Work For Food =) Hee Hee

Friday, November 16, 2007

Visit to the Vet + Other Acts Of Doggie Mischief

Friday morning was a confusing day for me, i woke up early in the morning and decided that for fun i was going to poo poo all over my enclousure and Roll in my own Poo!

Wee Poo Poo is fun.

Daddy woke up and for 10 mins he just stood there and stared at me, i figured i did something wrong and i slinked to the corner my enclousure and tried to hide under my pawsies

lucky for me i didnt get smacked, i got a bath instead...maybe i ought to do this more often.......

(I Woke up to Shitfest 2007 this morning....lucky totally destroyed her enclousure, there was shit on the walls, shit on the floor shit on the enclousure and she had rolled in her own shit!!! and i bathed her last night too!! i was figuring how to salvage the situation, decided there is nothing i can do except bathe her again....cos she is going to the vet today for the 3rd vacc and she isnt supposed to bathe for a week after.

.... o well at least its the balcony and i can just wash the place thank god for small mercies yeah? )

Aww I Wan A Huggy Please!(Lucky posing with her Dog-pa Shondell)

Wee I m Going For A Car Ride!


Yelp...okies daddy i will be quiet....... promise........

(left the camera in the car so i didnt take fotos of any vet action, i went to AMK Vet located at Sembawang Rd, i was told to go to that particular vet because the people at Pet Movers told me that i had to go to that particular vet and that everything was already paid for.

On arriving i discovered that it wasnt the case at all, the Receptionist told me there was no such thing and i made a call to Pet Movers, they claimed that they never said any such thing.

When i bought Lucky, the fella distinctly told me that the 3rd vaccination has already paid for, i even asked him 3 times if this was true, i remember him saying "Yes Yes Yes sure, the 3rd vaccination all paid for u just bring down and u only need to pay 15 bucks for the microchipping, but u must bring to this vet"

and this was said infront of both my Dad and another friend both of whom can confirm this statement.

i am pissed off to say the least, not because of the cost, but because i live in katong and the joker made me drive all the way to sembawang when i could just as easily have gone to a familiar vet just outside my house. i guess those fellas at pet movers will do and say anything for a sale

I was actually tempted to drive back to the east to see another vet. but i figured since i am here just get it done and over with, will see another vet nearer to my house in future. )

(Enough Ranting, anyway the vet checked lucky and commented that she is healthy and her size is good for a Corgi.
we discussed heartworms, and he tried to give lucky a tablet for deworming, emphasis on tried, cos when he tried to feed her the tablet, she promptly bit him =)
"Ouch, Fiesty little bugger" he exclaimed, i just snickered and caught lucky, 30 seconds of struggling later, we poped the pill in her mouth and i made her swallow it.

next he did her injection and microchipping, the brave little girl didnt even flinch, the vet commented that she is a fiesty but very brave doggie, i figure thats the case or her bloody skin is very thick haha. That ended the consultation and we paid and went back home.

Cant help but feel a little proud of my little furball)

As Promised in my last post, My Little Bolster!

I Pose With My Little Bolster Before......
Mine, Its All Mine, Cant Touch This

Meet Mr Piggy

Hello Mr Piggy Can U Hear Me?

Pig Trotters Anyone?

Where is your Squiggy Tail Mr Piggy?


Playing Footsie with me, so comfy i like being scratched

Till i see u next time!