Monday, December 24, 2007

Crazy Corgi Wednesdays!

Hi All, I Am Benny, and i am going to be the Guest Intepreter for this Blog Entry. In case this is the first time you are visiting this blog, All Us Corgis get together every wednesdays for a CCW, (Crazy Corgi Wednesdays)There Is Butt Sniffing.....Drool, Lots And Lots Of Drool.....Some Small Accidents.......Some Larger Ones......But Its Always Lots Of Good Fun!
Lucky has many Massage Faces here is her OO U Hit A Sweet Spot FaceYoda FaceHappy FaceNuah FaceRabbit ImpressionSing Your Way Home......."Can This Get Any Better?" FaceAnd Her Favourite, "HaHa I Am Taller Than You Guys" FaceWhile Lucky is getting her massage, Dexter and Cody are having a "See Whose Tongue Is Longer" Contest
Me Thinks Dexter Wins Hands...eerm Tongues DownCody : Double Or Nothing? Clare : When I Grow Up My Tongue Will Be Longer.... Then we compete ok?After Her Massage, Lucky is Fully Charged Up...Fight Fight FightBite Bite BiteLets See Who Posses The Might....Dexter: Can I Join In? Or is This a Girls Only Wrestling Event?We Had Some Visiting Long Haired Corgis ( Actually they are shelties Hee Hee) No 1 The Inquisitive OneNo 2 The Bossy OneNo 3 The Shy OneRub A Dub Dub...... Here Is Monty And He Is Fat As A Tub! Such a Adorable Fella
They Just Dun Make Corgis Like This AnymoreLittle Clare Is Sleepy!
My Buddy Dex sure is photogenic isnt He?
Darth Vader Is On The Prowl, meanwhile i am hiding behind my mummy....this fella gives me the Shudders
But He Is Handsome, you gotta Give Him That!
Looking Forward To Next Wednesday!!

Its Party Time

Hi All My Name Is Kaliska and i will be your guest interpreter for this blog entry. We had a doggy/human party at Lucky's house and here are the proceedings =) First off Meet Bubbles, she is my sister n she is a JRT. isnt she cute?
Next up is Scuzzy the schnauzer, he is Lucky's God Brother and one fiesty little schnauzerThen we have Bo, our little Tazmanian Devil-JRT, his favourite hobby is spinning around and his nickname is "Bo Chup"And Last but by no means least here is little lucky, the fiesty but very lovable PWC, here she is trying to win a staredown with my daddy. I Love Massages, my daddy is giving me one right now Lucky says that she gets a massage every week from her aunty Zoe at Pawsitive sensations, here she is demostrating to me how good her massages are
Lucky is relaxing one corner, tired after massaging me hee hee Its Lunch Time! Well Lucky didnt finish her i guess i was helping to finish it i am a good doggie rite?? =)

(More Like A Greedy Doggie heh heh)
Bubbles and lucky are in deep in conversation Its PLAY TIME!!!Daddy Says Lucky is such a cute puppySo Cute that He Could Eat Her! Lucky the Hot Dog??Till Next Time! See Ya All!
(Next Post Crazy Corgi Wednesdays! Follow the adventures of Lucky the Super Corgi and her fellow Corgi Frens )

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Trip To Daddy's Office

Anybody who guessed correctly that Aunty Lorna and Rachael put me in a christmas sock gets a doggie kiss =)
Daddy Looks Amused, i however do not....They also put Angel Wings on me, do i look Cute =>
(Thanks Zoe for the Pic)

The next day, Granddada and Grandmama brought me to go visit daddy in his office.
Queen Of The Office Pose Look At Me I Can Sit!
My Policy is to always smile for the camera =)Office Inspector First Class - LuckyTroops Fall in, get Ready For InspectionSomething Smells Funky here......Maybe Its Just Me hee hee =)Look Everybody Loves Me pat pat pat hee heeUncle william loves me =) He Lets me Bully Him
Heh Heh manipulated him into carrying me =)

This is Comfy
I am Loving this
Aww Can I Go Home with This Guy?