Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Friends =)

I was at a Birthday Party yesterday! My First Ever and there were many corgis there!
There was Chester, the big boned handsome boy!

There was Collar, the Corgi with one white ear and michevious eyes

Daddy Says he looks like one of those cute cuddly gremlins =) There was Buta, the beautiful sweet girl, here is a shot of her rear end =)
Daddy says she is like a princess, she will plop herself down at your feet and make sure that you scratch her, hee hee same like me
I also got a new Suitor, his name is Rhubarb, hehe he looks like a cross between Dexter and Monty! here he is smelling me,

Handsome isnt he?

KoKo Barn Barn was there too, and so was Clare the Swimming Corgi!

Barn Barn Looks So Cute With His Swimming Gear! they even had a swimming competition! Daddy says he will bring me swimming next week....i hope he remembers... looks fun!

I Reached First!, No I Reached First! Waiting for the results =)Then there was Wolfie, the sweet 11 month old corgi

Benny The Vacume Cleaner In Action =) , Cody was there too, daddy didnt get a good shot of him so this is the only photo with him in it. Sorry Cody!

Ode Taking A Break
Last But Not Least, The Birthday boy Vocal Cookie!

Buta giving Benny a run for his money =)

Who Can Eat More? Buta Or Ruhbarb =)

Fun Day! i was so tired at the end of it i just wanted to zzzzzzzzz i am such a Lucky and Contented Corgi =)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Lucky's New Bed/Chair

Hi All :

Daddy's just bought me a Doggy Day Bed, its nice and red and its got a head and paw rest for me =)
i Kinda have mixed feelings about my new bed, here i am deciding if i like it or not Woof Woof Scuzzy come over here and help me decide
Scuzzy : its nice and comfy.....i want one too heh heh ok Dogpa can u buy a sofa doggy bed for Scuzzy?

*Dogpa Smacks Own Forhead

(Heh Heh My Buddy who is Lucky's Dogpa feels that i treat lucky like a human being and not like a dog =) fact of the matter is i probably treat her better ...haha)

Daddy's Favourite Corgi ( I Like Big And Fat Corgis =) )

Hi All :

i am a cute Corgi, however i somehow figure that i am not my daddy's favourite Corgi.....nevermind at least i can be his favourite girl corgi =)
Barn with his mummy, handsome boy!

Ko Ko Barn2 posing for a Christmas Peekture with his mummy, he is in fact looking at Monty another Rotund Crogi Ko Ko...perhaps wondering if he can get away with chewing his rear end =) Monty Saying I DARE U TO CHOMP ME! Hehehe Monty Ko Ko is sooo cute is he trying to eat Dexter?

Daddy has a thing for big and eerm plump corgis (Barn is soooo handsome! )
(Look At His Posture, i think can win dog show)
(=) Such a Huggy Boy)(One of Barn's Goofy Shots)
(Barn Getting Disciplined by Josiah for barking at other dogs)
HeeHee Aunty Lorna.....If Barn Barn Ko Ko Goes Missing.....First Place you should look for him is at my house.....chances are Daddy Dognapped Him =)
And this is Daddy's new favourite Peekture, he has it on as his wallpaper on his computer
(Thanks Lorna! i love his goofy pose )

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Dear All :

Thanks for all the concern, i have been fine and dandy. I know i have been away for a while, my daddy has been busy....Lame Excuse :P Bleah!

but anyway we are back with CNY Pics! i got lots of toys during CNY and will be showing off in the next few posts!

Thank You Aunty L For The Cape, I Finally Grew Into IT!