Monday, September 29, 2008

Aunty Zoe's Allergic To Me =) AKA Aunty Zoe's Fabulously Funny Facial Expressions Hee Hee...

Shedding Season is here and daddy says i am shedding like crazy, he claims that he is living in fur and he is contemplating to shave me....

What do u think Aunty Zoe?

Zoe Looks Sick
Aunty Zoe's Nose Is Blocked

Aunty Zoe's Twitching her nose
Ahhh Chooo, Bless U Aunty Zoe
Hee Hee Aunty Zoe Making A Mental Note not to massage me during shedding season
They call me the shedding monster, do i look like a monster?
No Right? Hee hee Sooo Ticklish
She looks happy to hand me over to MaMa =)

(To Shave or not to Shave? Leave me a message!)

Corny Corgi Pics

Hi Everyone Long Time No See, Daddy has been busy and has been giving lots of excuses as to why he hasnt been posting my pics up on the blog.

well anyway suffice it to say that i have been well and nottie =)

last sat daddy brought me to see Aunty Zoe for my regular massage, daddy took lots of pics this time round and he has promised to post them up over the next few days , so stay tuned.
Horny Lucky? =) haha more to come