Monday, April 21, 2008

Sleeping Poses

(i found lucky sleeping in this position the other day and i took a few snaps ) This bright light is bothering me
So i use the Blankey to cover my eyes
Stop disturbing me go away

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Benny's Barkday Pawty

Hi All! Sunday Was Benny's Barkday Pawty, he turns 2 yrs old on April Fools Day, does that mean he is fool daddy?
(Shaddup u impertinent pup) When We Reached The Botanic Gardens, daddy got lost....
i had to read the map to get us to Benny's Pawty.
Long Story Short, we Found Benny and Gang beside the Swan Lake, i was looking to chase some swans but i couldnt find any. Daddy wont let me wander anywhere near the pond.
Yay Its Botanical Benny!
Benny Give Lucky the Evil Eye
Fight Fight
Hee Hee
Rest For A Little While

Shortly After, Rhubarb Came Along

(Rhubard likes lucky...look at him licking his lips heh heh) First we start of with ear smelling, (Rhubard likes the smell of lucky's ears =) )
Invasive Smelling
(Rhubarbs parents had to seperate him)

We Meet Monty's Mummy
Acting Innocent
Jump Her!
(Lucky The Secret Kisser after She Not So Secretly Kissed Benny's Daddy!)
King Monty Arrives!
Botanical Benny Greets King Monty! (This Schnauzer cant believe how eerm large Monty's Posterior is)
Daddy has a thing for plump corgis

It doesnt matter as long as there is food!
We Start By Looking Innocent
We Smell Food!
We See Food!
Benny: No I Saw IT FIRST!
But I Am Faster! Hee Hee
U Luv Me Rite Aunty Zoe?
(After Effects of all that Food, A Fat Full Hppy Contented Pup.....Pampered Pooch)