Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Little Bolster

Daddy thinks i am funny cos i have many paterns of sleeping. i love my little bolsters and i hug it to sleep
(Lucky is damm cute, she hugs her bolster and tosses and turns with it haha)
i like the smell of my bolster
(When she toses and turns, she will keep a minimum of one pawsie on i)
i protect my bolster so no one can snatch it away =)
Till Next Time!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pampered Pooch

I Am A Pampered Pooch Everyone Loves Me, Everyone Gives Me Attention
After My Bath My Hoomans Give Me A Blow Dry So I Dunch Catch A Cold
I Am Used To The Hairdryer Now I Used To Afraid Of It
Ahh This Is The Life.... Its A Dogs Life! Till Next Time

Daddy Gets Bored

Daddy gets irritating when he is bored..... he likes to do stupid things with me and take photos.
Last week it was making me a curry puff corgi......
this week he folds my ears back and thinks its hilarious....
Its so degrading......
Its A Dogs Life! Till Next Time

Monday, January 7, 2008

New Basket and Luggage Packing

Grand Mama And Grand Dada Bought me a new basket from ikea me thinks i likes this basket
Comfy Comfy

Where did my tail go? but somehow i still prefer the cool floor
Too Cold?
then i snuggle up to the computer, it produces heat u know
Everytime daddy goes overseas i miss him. i wonder if he can pack me in his luggage
Sniff Sniff
I Am A Kaypoh Corgi u know
Daddy leave one compartment for me, can i bring my bone?
This bag smells funny
Good Night ! =)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Curry Puff Corgi

Hello All, as you know, i am a rather naughty Corgi. My Favourite hobby is stealing pillows of my daddy's bed =) ATTACK!! ATTACK!! ATTACK!!Hee Hee See My Guilty Look Daddy Punishes me by making a Curry Puff outta Me
(Ingredients as follows. spread a blanket out, catch a frapping, squirming corgi and place in middle of blanket. wrap corgi up in blanket, no real method, just wrap and try to avoid getting bitten =)....Sit back and watch the show) Wriggle Wriggle Wriggle Squirm Squirm Squirm
Hee Hee I AM FREEEEE Super Corgi!
now to get outta here before daddy gets it into his head to try that again
Till Next Time!